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Thread: Waninkoko's CIOS installer help!

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    Question Waninkoko's CIOS installer help!

    I have been following CompleteSG's guide:

    *My wii is updated to 4.3

    Okay so i have Run NUS Downloader.
    Check Pack -> Wad
    * NUS (IOS > IOS 38 > v3867 &WAD)

    And i have copied the wad IOS38-64-v3867.wad from the folder (00000001000000026v3867) to the root of the SD card.

    Then i ran the cIOS installer with the HBC. You get asked what IOS to use.
    * I'm using cIOS Installer Xr21

    And since this is my first cIOS, I chose 236 and pressed A

    After that it asks me which CIOS version i want for base and that is wherei am stuck, i don't know which one to choose

    If anyone can help then thank you very much!!
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    how about you follow a WiiHacks guide instead?

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    You follow a guide from another site then you ask for help here?

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