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Thread: Won't turn on

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    Won't turn on

    hey all, I have a really strange issue.
    I took out my SD card so I could put the netflix .wad on in as I didn't want to update the shop channel and after putting it on the SD card I sorta got sidetracked and a few hours later I went to go insert the SD card back into the wii but the light was off and I couldn't turn it on

    things to note:
    -the wii was on when I took the SD card
    -I tried changing the outlet spot(it was on a outlet bar)
    -I unplugged it for a night and re-plugged it

    thanks in advance

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    Please note that I'm moving this to the bricked section of the forum. From what I can tell you did nothing that would lead to a brick and I would guess hardware failure. If you could answer these questions it would help:

    1. Does the power light appear at all? Ex: red light, green light, or is it completely dead?

    2. Power on while holding reset and see if priiloader comes up

    3. Power on again and see if the dvd light flashes once, or twice quickly.

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    insert or removing a SD card when Wii is powered-on doesn't hurt.
    i did it frequently and no issue surfaced.

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    no there's no light, priiloader doesn't come up, and the disk light doesn't go. It's acting as though there's no power going to it at all

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    NO LIGHT = power supply failure !
    if u know how to use a multi-meter, u can measure the DC voltage at the adaptor end (ie. the end to be inserted into Wii console).
    to play safely, buy a new Wii power supply is highly recommended.
    NEVER TRY TO REPAIR THE WII POWER SUPPLY. it's cheap, it's no worth to risk repair.
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    From what I can tell there's no power going through the adapter

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedibob7 View Post
    From what I can tell there's no power going through the adapter
    btw, u really mean "unplugged it - from the electricity main -- for a night and re-plugged it " ?
    if u did that exactly..... then, .....obviously......power supply passed away !

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    good to hear it wasn't bricked ^^ now where would I procure a new power supply?

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    If you're in the states, Game Stop's got'em cheap. I no longer have access to ModCP, so can't check your IP (LOL).

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    Indeed I am ^^. I'll stop by tomorrow

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