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Thread: Konami Justifier help.

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    Question Konami Justifier help.

    Does anyone know how to get the justifiers to work for games like Lethal enforcers 1&2 for Gennesis plus? I set them as my controls but the game won't read them at all. It shows that they are attatched when you select players but when in the game they won't shoot.
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    Make sure you assigned controllers to justifiers in controller settings (emulator menu not in-game menu). You will probably need to re-assign the wiimote to player 2 since this is where justifiers are normally connected.
    You might want to read the user manual if it's not clear enough as this is where I got that info from.

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    I did all that and read the manual for the original justifiers. It just doesn't seem to work for the emulator. The justifiers were only made for 2 games and you would think since it is included with the emulator it would work. I just can't figure it out.

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    It works perfectly fine for me with the 2 games supporting Justifiers, I think you are just doing it bad.

    After you load the game:

    1/ Go to controller settings menu
    2/ In the 2 big squares on the left of the screen, set the first port to "MD Gamepad" and the second port to "Justifiers" if that's not already set like that (this seems to be done automatically by the emulator when I pick Lethal Enforcers games)
    3/ Select Player 2 (on the right of the big squares), then press A to configure player settings (a new window appears on the right of the screen)
    4/ In that new window, set the Input Device (2nd option) to your Wii remote. You can also configure keys if you want (3rd option) and enable/disable lightgun crosshair (1st option).
    5/ Repeat for Player 3 if you have a second wii remote and want to try 2-player mode
    6/ Reset the game (maybe not necessary but that does not hurt)

    The thing is that in most other games, you will have your wii remote affected to Player 1 (i.e to emulate the gamepad in genesis port A) but the Justifiers only works when connected to the 2nd port (player 2 and player 3) and therefore the wii remote must be reaffected to the suitable player.

    I don't know if Justifier games can work with no gamepad in port A but maybe setting Port A to "NONE" (Justifiers are now affected to Player 1 & 2) and let the wiimote configured for Player 1 would work too.


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