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Thread: Re. modding (complete Newbie)

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    Question Re. modding (complete Newbie)

    I want to unlock my young sons console want to check, Is it best to soft mod or chip?
    The details are console Ser LEF12230120 /7 Ver 3.4E believed to to be d3-2
    Understand with chip will not play backups from disk, will it with soft mod?
    is it advise to update Version first?
    Any help very wecome, as to best method , and best guide to this model of cosole,, in fact any help/ideas that can help a complete Newbie.
    I have been to numerous sites to try and find solution, but it gets even more confusing . came across this site and feel you members can sort me out.
    As you can image I will be in deep trouble if I ruin his console.
    Thks again for any help offered.
    Regards Maxie

    Thanks in advance


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    If you softmod, it's free. You'll have to buy a modchip...
    do NOT update first, that'll just make the softmod process harder.
    Follow the softmod and wii guide (link in my signature)
    Follow everything and don't skip any steps, you'll be fine
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