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Thread: new games will not load (nubie needs help)

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    new games will not load (nubie needs help)

    Hi all
    New store bought genuine games wont play they load but when you go to playit just goes black screen.
    it will also not play any new downloaded games burnt to disc shows error 002 on a blue screen
    It plays all old copy games and old genuine games no bother
    This wii was soft modded (not by me)a few years ago with Greselda method i think it has never had a version update.
    do i need to update the sd card files and or does it need something else could i re-soft mod it i have done a search on the site but as a a nubie i dont seem to be able to find anything that relates to my problem.
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    You can resoft mod it. link is in my signature. please be sure to stop in and introduce yourself and you will get many more links that you may find usefull.

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    piracy is not supported here at wiihacks.
    Go ahead and follow the softmod any wii guide (link in Slimercanada's sig or mine)
    DON'T skip any steps. That'll get you updated
    Then find an updated version of the loader you're using.
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