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Thread: Problem installing a vc n64 wad file

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    Problem installing a vc n64 wad file

    Hello guys and sorry if this question has been answered before.
    I have succesfully softmoded my wii (4.1) and running wii isos from my hd with no problem. But when i try to install a N64 wad file (paper mario Pal to be precise), after the installation i get the message that my wii system menu is full and prompt me to erase some of my data. Thankfully i use priloader and i am able to unistall the wad file and my wii works fine again.
    My question is what am i doing wrong since i have downloaded this wad from several sources and still i experience the same error message over and over again.
    Thanks in advance

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    Since i own the original N64 carttridge i thought it was ok,
    but i respect the rules of this fantastic forum, so i apologise


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