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Thread: What Game to Softmod 4.3e Wii

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    What Game to Softmod 4.3e Wii

    Im going to softmod my 4.3e Wii using the Disc exploit hack.

    But i am wondering what game is the best to hack with e.g Indiana Jones, Lego Star wars etc.

    But Is there better hacks and Homebrew channels depending on what game you use?

    Is there more chance of bricking it depending on the game?

    Or doesnt it matter what game you use?

    I will be renting the game or would it be better if i owned the game?

    Thanks in Advance.

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    there all the same i got batman for 11quid brand new from tesco
    500gig seagate wbsf (to lazy to change)

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    Your call...

    The games will make no difference with homebrew, cios, etc if thats what youre asking.

    You can just rent the game knowing that youll need just once in the softmod process

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