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Thread: Having Problems Hacking my Wii 4.2 [ after introduction ;) ]

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    Red face Having Problems Hacking my Wii 4.2 [ after introduction ;) ]

    Hello mates,
    After introducing myself I would like your help.

    After having hours trying to hack my Wii 4.2, I UNINSTALLED IOS61. Now I am having problems with Homebrew channel.

    After a search on the web, I did found some solutions but nothing worked. I tried by booting up DOP - Mii and although I managed to install IOS36 fakesigned but then I could not install any other IOS.

    Please any help and any questions on my problem are acceptable

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    I'm sure I have just closed your other thread.

    Asking you to introduce yourself was to try and get you to help yourself.

    A VWA comes along and gives you plenty of links. Even 2 for modding your wii which you clearly need to do rather than installing and uninstalling random things..

    Now take a look back at the introduction post and look at the links.

    Please don't start another thread like this.

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    What guide were u following where it said to uninstall ios 61?


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