Hey all,
Little background info on the setup i have, my room is out the back of the house in a shed, so to get the net out here i had to run a network cable from the inside modem/router out to my room connecting to a wireless router so my PC, phone, laptop and wii can connect to the internet.
the router in the shed recently stuffed up, resulting in me having to use my pc as the access point for all devices, including the wii.
I have managed to get the wii itself connected to the internet through the PC's ICS, but when i try to get onto my SMB shares in wiimc it can't initialize the network, coming up with error -16
I've adjusted all the settings accordingly to the new ip address of the ICS settings, but still no prevail.
One of the things that might be contributing to the problem might be that the PC's ICS ip range is in the 192.168.x.x and the main router/modem's ip range is in the 10.1.x.x.
Thinking of changing the routers ip range to that of the ICS, but not sure weather that will help or not as the wii is connected to the net anyways so there doesnt seem to be any problems there.

Any help would be so so awesome, been trying to fix this for 2 days straight now