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Thread: SaveMiiFrii was a success (sort of)! Now what?

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    SaveMiiFrii was a success (sort of)! Now what?

    My Wii bricked some time ago, right after the release of system menu 4.3U. I discovered savemiifrii, took apart the GCN controller, and all of that jazz. My second test worked, in that my system menu version was displayed at the bottom right of my screen, indicating that the console can be salvaged.

    I was then told that when a game was released which pushed a new system update, my Wii would be fixed. But as luck would have it, this has been the longest the Wii has gone without an update in the console's history. And because there aren't any system updates, obviously no games exist which can push one, and ultimately, my Wii is doomed.

    I've now reached a point in which I'd be willing to dish out some cash just to have my data/VC games back. Unfortunately, I'm completely uninformed as to these method. Are there any sorts of discs I can buy that will correspond with SaveMiiFrii to fix my Wii? Are there any other devices that can somehow fix this brick? I've seen a lot of different products in my research over the past year, and they look pretty sketchy. So what I ask all of you is if there exists any other means of salvaging this Wii, and if so what are they?

    I truly appreciate any support, it's a been a long, long time since I've had my good old Wii to play, and it would mean a lot to me to have that privilege back.

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    If you have a Wii capable of playing backups games there is a chance of you fixing it. It requires either an autobooting modchip (such as a Wasabi dx or WiiKey Fusion) or cIOSCORP or DARKCORP installed at the time of the brick. If you had any of those then you can follow this guide here. There are several post by mauifrog that explain several different methods.

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    OK, I'm starting to understand this. So how can I tell if my wii is capable of reading a backup game/autoboot disc?

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    Wii Drive Chip Database - Serial Number Estimation

    It will tell you what drive chip you have and if its able to read backups. If its fairly new(couple years?) then its not possible to read backups.

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    Oh well then that's good, my Wii is from launch. I'll still check to be sure, but... what if I didn't have any chips installed before the brick? Is it too late, or can I still install one?
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    You can still install one but you also need to have a patched system IOS, a patch IOS36 (or similar) with a full dump of MarioKart or cIOSCORP/DARKCORP installed at the time of the brick. If you don't have any of those then you will have to have programmer flash Bootmii/Boot2 into your nand to recover it.

    Read the thread I linked you above carefully for all your options.
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    So this is where I start to get confused... I don't think I've taken any of the above precautions. I don't even know what cIOSCORP is, or "a full dump of Mario Kart" for that matter. I'm obviously going to need to do some research, but if you wouldn't mind telling me: should I just give up now if I'm this confused?

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    On your harddrive (file name: Bliepo.crazy)
    cIOSCORP is a pack of modified IOS, which replaces the normal IOS. If you don't have it, you will need a modchip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bliepo View Post
    cIOSCORP is a pack of modified IOS, which replaces the normal IOS. If you don't have it, you will need a modchip.
    Just to add a bit more... If you were able to play backups from the disc channel then you have cioscorp installed.


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