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Thread: Network drive as Wii external over USB?

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    Network drive as Wii external over USB?

    Hey guys, I had a thought and was wondering if this would work.

    I still have a plethora of space for rent on my 2TB RAID array on my gaming PC. I was thinking to partition 200GB of that space as WBFS and map it as a network drive for storing game images once I softmod my Wii. My question is this:

    If I were to directly connect the Wii to my PC via a USB cable, would there be a way to get the Wii to recognize the network drive as an external hard drive? I think this would be ideal vs swapping an actual external drive back and forth between the Wii and the PC.


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    I don't think this would work due to the fact that your PC's OS wouldn't recognize a Wii as a device. I only know of one way to have a Wii read a network drive and it requires a Wode and the Wifi dongle. Add the IP of your PC or NAS to the dongle's settings and you are in business. This is actually a great way to manage backups from your PC w/o having to remove the HDD from your Wii.

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    If you must use network loading and you are comfortable opening up your wii and installing the WODE modchip (its solderless) then the wode is the way to go. If not then you could always use a usb Loader with an external hard drive. The load times are lightening fast. Each solution has its pros and cons.


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