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Thread: Neogamma auto boot question

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    Neogamma auto boot question

    So ive searched all around and have found autobooters for neogamma so that it loads the game right away instead of having to push anything, but i was wondering is there a way to boot straight to neogamma when you turn on the console? because i dont do anything on the wii menu except select neogamma and my sensor is currently broken and im too broke to buy a new one lol if anyone knows anything or can direct me to a guide id really appreciate it.

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    Provided you have Priiloader installed and are fine with a boot.dol (SD card-dependent), read near the bottom of this guide. Also for more specifics, see this guide (for USB Loader GX, but it's the exact same steps and principles involved).

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    ya i run sd card with disks thank you

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