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Thread: Emulators don't load when the USB HDD is plugged into the Wii

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    Emulators don't load when the USB HDD is plugged into the Wii

    When the USB HDD isn't plugged in, emulators load whenever I select them, but when it is plugged in, all I get is a blank screen with no sound when I select an emulator. I have to unplug the HDD and the emulator screen will appear on the screen like it should

    Is this normal? If not, how to fix it? Thanks

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    Bump. Still having trouble.

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    If the emulators load when the usb hdd is unplugged then that means you have the emulators on the SD card, to eliminate booting from the SD card then remove the emulators from the SD card. Make a fresh install of the emulators on the usb hdd, by fresh install I referring to deleting the current emulators and their config files from the usb hdd and redownloading the emulators and installing them. Also, if you are using forwarders then they need to have AHBPROT/IOS58 support along with having IOS58 installed, if loading from HBC then you need HBC 1.0.8 installed and running from IOS58. Next time it would be better for you to list which emulators are giving you problems, all the information I just gave you may be incorrect due to me guessing what emulators you are using.
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    I'm using Snes9x GX and Visual Boy Advance GX.


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