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    Exclamation iOS 249

    how can i install ios 249 on Wii 4.2u?
    Can Somebody Make me a tut?

    i looked all over the internet but there all so confusing

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    Have you softmodded your Wii yet? Search the site for the guide Softmod Any Wii.

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    If you introduced yourself, you will get links to guides!

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    Wink U need IOS236 first

    If you want IOS 249 on your wii, first you need IOS236 first. THis IOS is a patched IOS 36 that is typically used for installing other cIOSes. i dont have a download link for an installer for ya, and im to lazy to find one, so google is your freind. i should know, i have buth IOS 236 and 249 (yes just those 2 cIOSes, i dont want to risk bricking my wii any more than mymenuify can. thank god for priiloader right)

    hope i helped ya kid, be careful, dont be a pirate!


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    User has been given a link to the introductions area. The ball is in the o/p's court.


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