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Thread: Another Disc Error 1252

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    Another Disc Error 1252


    My wii was updated a while ago and was running 4.2e without any problems...It has no internet connection and i only play backups from disc.

    Until now that is...Basically it has stopped reading all of my backups. Original games work ok but all copies do not through NG release 9 beta 10. The discs fail to spin up and i get the error message disc error 1252

    Any ideas experts?

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    Sounds like a dirty laser or your DVD drive could be dying.

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    Assuming you have not accidentally updated it may be that your drive is starting to fail. Backup discs read slower than originals. Sounds like time to switch to usb loading, which is way better anyhow.

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    Hmm - not good, i suppose the first thing would be to clean the laser. Can i use a normal cd cleaner disc for this or is there some other way to do it?

    Thanks for the quick response

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    I don't see why shouldn't hurt anything.

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    Looks like USB loading it will be then....Just gotta find the right thread now....

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    If u find it pass it to me please. Same problem, can't read discs.

    Also, should i disconnect from internet when trying to load backup discs?


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