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Thread: Copy using WBFS

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    Copy using WBFS

    I have over 200 ISO games on my computer hard drive taking up over 600gbs. I have all these games compressed on a WBFS USB drive. I want to free up space and was wondering if I can copy individual games from 1 WBFS drive to another without cloning the whole drive with WBFS ? If not, is there another program that can read my WBFS drives and copy to another WBFS formatted drive?

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    I use WBFS manager on my windows computer and it has a drive to drive option which allows you to copy backups one at a time.

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    I also have a Windows Vista computer. I can copy ISO games from my computer hard drive with WBFS but want to free up space on that drive and copy individual games from my WBFS formatted USB drive to another WBFS USB drive without cloning the whole drive. Is this possible or is there another program that will recognize my USB WBFS formatted drive?
    Thanks for your quick reply.

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    over 200 games huh, sounds kinda salty to me...

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    212 games to be exact taking up 664GBs. That's why I want to free this space up and use my WBFS USB drive for backup without having to clone the whole drive.

    PS I think I found a program that will transfer from 1 WBFS drive to another without cloning full drive.


    Thanks for your help
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    glad you used your head and did some reading/research, thread closed


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