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Thread: NeoGamma R9 Problem... need help!

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    Question NeoGamma R9 Problem... need help!

    Okay so i installed the homebrew using bathaxx and i have priiloader 0.7 installed also im on 4.3.

    when i load the neogamma r9 from the homebew (i dont have it as a seperate channel) and i insert a DVD-R which has fifa 11 iso on it and i press the luanch DVD button, but after that it says "dick err(1220)" and then "no cIOS + dvd" or something, so what should i do now??

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    Wii Drive Chip Database - Serial Number Estimation. Have a look on here bud, Depending how new your Wii console is, It may not work with Backup launchers. You can still mod to run with portable HDD. Much better solution BTW. Open the link and tap in your serial number, It will tell which chipset and drive are in your version.

    good luck.

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