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Thread: help/advice needed for whether upgrade to english menu

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    help/advice needed for whether upgrade to english menu

    I got a Korea wii, which already been modded with chinese menu.

    everything is fine except 2 pieces,

    1. problem: the DVD-ROM no longer read disc after 2nd play (it was brand new wii), just can't read any disc no matter what. hardware problem?

    2. Need advice: due to problem 1 above, I learned to mod it to read usb hard drive, able to play most of hard drive game. the system menu seems to be messed up, most of them are chinese character, except MII channel, it is completely Korea, so it is hard to customize role.

    it is version 4.1C now,
    Should I upgrade to 4.1U for english system menu?
    After upgrade, will it still read chinese character?
    After upgrade, will it play all region game? (with ARC, it shouldn't be problem).

    Please advise.

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    If you already have homebrew and these are legit discs, try them in a region free program like gecko. If they work, then its something to do with the firmware. Is it modded with a chinese menu because you live in china? I'd mod it for your region so you can buy and play your games without a fuss.

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    thanks HEROXOOT.

    a bit miss leading here, yes, the WII has mix Korea/Chinese menu, now I am in Canada. would prefer to have English menu while also support chinese character. Upgrade to English menu has any harm to chinese games?

    tried gecko, said error: no dvd found...


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