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Thread: Wode issues with playing games

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    Wode issues with playing games

    Hey guys,

    I have recently installed a wode on my wii and have a few questions to ask.

    Firstly i can rip games and play originals through flat wode mode.

    The question i have is i cannot get the wode to recognize any of my game iso on my HDD, I have about 50 iso's on the hdd and not one of them comes up on my wode screen.

    All the iso's are in there own folder. Do they need to be in the iso folder?

    Can anyone give me some advice.


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    I take it you have read the rules of this forum as carefully as you have read the user guide that you downloaded from the official WODE site. wode jukebox is...

    Or not - since you have made a post without first posting a greeting or introduction post. Read the manual and the rules.
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    All iso's need to be in the folder "ISO" or "WBFS". Doesn't have to be capitalized of course. Games of either format can be in either folder. Having sub-folders within those 2 folders is fine as well. WODE will read anything inside them. Since you're saying you rip the game, WODE automatically makes an ISO folder for you with the ripped game inside of it. I'm assuming you're on a high enough (or latest) WODE firmware since you're able to rip, but if you're not... download the firmware on the link R_N_B provided. Place the file on the root of an SD card and boot up your Wii with the SD card in the WODE sd slot. It can't be an SDHC card, just a standard one. 1gb works best, but lower than that works even better.

    I wish I could thank myself, but instead I won't close your thread.

    But really, you need to describe your hdd.

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