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Thread: Disk Error when loading from Disk

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    Disk Error when loading from Disk

    I get the following since updating my softmod,

    I was running the old twilight mod and discw worked apart from a couple but updated to the latest now i get the follwoing on every disc i load

    An error has occurred. Press eject button and remove the disc

    please advise are ther further updates required for discs to work, i am using the the disc channel

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    Using the disc channel means you installed cioscorps or darkcorps. We don't advise doing that. Follow the softmod any wii link in my signature and do the whole thing to get up and running again

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    Used the guide updated my old twilight hack to the latest. Tested the games using the backup disc channel.....sorted all working now

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    Well Done Pal!


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