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Thread: Help updating Wii to play newer games and from USB source

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    Help updating Wii to play newer games and from USB source

    I was looking at thisTHREAD and wondering what if anything I could take from there and apply to my Wii. I have a hardmodded Wii (Wasabi chip).

    Any help, directions, or tutorials would be much appreciated. Very informative site, thanks to all.


    I already have the HomeBrew Channel installed, but it's been a while since I've used it or updated it. My Wii is currently running 4.0U. Mainly looking to run newer games off USB thumbdrive or HD if possilbe.
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    Use the mod any wii guide. That is a old unsupported guide. Introduce yourself and you will get lots of useful links including one to the guide mentioned.

    Do not update via Nintendo!


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