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Thread: Wii update

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    Question Wii update

    I haven't updated my wii in a long time (probably months).
    Now I just got Guitar Hero World Tour, and I'd like to get some downloadable content for it.
    The thing is, I need to update, or I can't go online.
    When I click yes a disclaimer pops up warning me that modified wii's may be rendered inoperable with this update.
    I think it's BS, but I'd rather play it safe, so I'm asking here

    I have a WiiKey with 1.9s firmware.
    Don't know exactly what version of firmware is on my wii (or exactly what version I'm updating my wii to).
    All I know is that it's the latest version (maybe the august one, maybe another if there was another after that)

    So, will I still be able to play my copied games after this update, or do I need to update my wiikey again afterwards?
    And also, I've read that the wiikey config or setup disc doesn't work anymore after this update. Is this true?

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    youre fine

    just install IOS 51, and shop installer, and then do it

    backups kinda, no edited ones, and for update they shouldnt, but some get it working, so god only knows

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