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Thread: SD Media Launcher

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    SD Media Launcher

    I plan on getting SD Media Launcher soon but I'm confused on some things
    I've been told that it enables you to also play backups from the SD card but then what exactly is GCOS for?

    Also I've been trying to use saves from online and I've tried gamefaqs but when i put them on the memory card it shows up kinda weird
    Its worked with a bunch of games so far but I can't seem to get the Pokemon Colosseum saves and Pokemon XD saves to work
    When I save the Pokemon Colosseum data to the memory card I get this: 01-GC6E-pokemon_colosseum but when i transfer an online save from gamefaqs to the memory card i get something like ----pokemon_colosseum
    I'm not exactly sure what to do

    I was using the saves from the GameCube USB Adapter Saves (North America)
    I'll try the Gameshark and MaxDrive saves next

    I have the NTSC version of Colosseum
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    GCos enables you to play from a sd card or a disk. Try another site for the poke on save.


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