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Thread: Wiiconnect 24, turn off or leave it on

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    Wiiconnect 24, turn off or leave it on

    okay, thanks to everyone on the board helping me downgrade and install Homebrew... i now have 3.2U and Homebrew with my Wiikey 2

    One more question regards to the Wiiconnect24. My wife really likes the weather and news feature on the Wii but I noticed that it won't work if I turn off Wiiconnect 24 off. Is it safe to keep it on? i know not to do the upgrades, but wonder if there is any conflict between Wiiconnect and Homebrew.


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    There's no problems at all. Just don't let your wife update the firmware ... ever. You just gotta make sure that she's not click happy and hits "yes" to everything just to make the messages go away.

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    In Europe (at least here i know for sure) we had some issues with leaving Wiiconnect24 on at standby mode.
    I don't know if this is not caused by Wiiconnect but i can not think of another reason for the Wii to be overheated.
    I just have Wiiconnect on but unplug my console when it is not used.

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    Wii News: WiiConnect24 breaking Wii consoles -

    And a good solution, just to be on the safe side.

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    recommended to have standby off.... connect 24 off

    turn on connect 24 ...2 times a day to update news and weather then turn off

    if a game requires connect24 to be will get a prompt..then turn it on

    when your wii is consistent hot (standby on) degrades the GPU rather quickly.... 1st you see some colorful artifacts then a few weeks later you have black screen.....

    apparently with the new N updates they have addressed the problem.....we doubt the intermitten fan is a fix

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