WiiHandy is a port of the Handy 0.95 Atari Lynx emulator developed by Keith Wilkins. Additional changes by the SDLEmu team.


To install WiiHandy, simply extract the zip file directly to your SD card or USB device (retain the hierarchical structure exactly).
Cartridge images must be placed in the roms directory (/wiihandysdl/roms).
For the emulator to function, you must provide the "Atari Lynx boot rom" (lynxboot.img). This file must be obtained and placed in the WiiHandy directory (/wiihandysdl).

Check out the compatibility list HERE


0.4 - May 20, 2011
Pretty close to a full "re-port" based on the original Handy 0.95 sources.
Cartridge database for storing cart-specific settings (screen orientation, maximum frame rate).
Rewrite of display layer, GX based scaler
Ability to adjust horizontal and vertical screens to any size/dimensions via "Screen Size" options under "Display". If these are entered after loading a cartridge, the last frame will be displayed to assist in sizing.
Rewrite of sound layer
Audio skipping has been fixed
Audio plays at correct rate when the maximum frame rate is adjusted
Rewrite of timing loop
Support for Nunchuk and Classic Controller Pro
Analog stick support (Classic/Pro, Nunchuk)
USB support
SDHC support
Updated menu system