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Thread: Game cube questions

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    Game cube questions

    I bought some game cube (GC) games in a garage sale $5 each. Then I bought a used wired GC controller for $5 from local game store (she tried to sell me a memory card for $20, but I ordered one from e-bay for ~$3). I see some wireless GC controllers at e-bay for <$24. Are they worth it? Can I play other wii games other than SSBB with them? I do have some classic controllers that can be attached to wiimote, but my son says GC controller feels better (so as many others). I can rip a few (~4) GC games using a usb loader then shrink them and place them in one DVD and play with neogamma?
    Answers for underline part is in here

    Loaded all questions to one post!
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    I am replying to my own thread. Before you start making backup disc or buying DVD-R install latest version of neogamma and try to launch it without a disc in the drive. If you get the following message:
    DVD Error (1220) , Disc ID
    Drive date yyyymmdd
    (a real date in there)
    And then it goes to the message
    Most likely no DVD-Rs possible :-(
    You are out of luck. Please keep scouring garage sales/e-bay or some other places for GC games for around $5, instead of reaching your download cap by downloading GC isos. If they cost more than that, most likely there is a version for PC or other consoles (except if the Mario character in them, even for them find a PC based emulator).


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