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Thread: Upgrade Wii Firmare before Moding?

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    Upgrade Wii Firmare before Moding?


    I am about to update the Wii Mod with D2Pro9 V3 bundle.

    I have a D2B Wii chipset which was bought in 2006.

    Should i be updating the Wii Firmware before moding the Wii? OR should i not?
    Or Should i upgrade the firmware after Moding the Wii?

    Any ideas?

    One of my friends had bougth Wii Guitar Hero and Drum Set - and when trying to play - was asked to upgrade the Firmware which would nullify the Mods done (that was the message flashed on teh screen before upgrading the firmware). Hence the concern.
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    -.-;; can people read seriously, theres no banner or news about it, and its been in every update =\

    do it if u want, 3.2 is recomended thats it

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    On a related question - Should we ever try upgrading the Wii Firmware after doing the Wii Mod? Will it erase the Wii Mod or make the Wii unstable/unusable?

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    By wii mod are you talking about Homebrew, or a modchip?

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    homebrew, gets limited, and any good program gets limited/blocked
    modchip if you dont care about edited games in any way, and playing out of region, and homebrew go for it *more details needed befor i edit this*

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    look in my signature for the link.

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    Seems like the latest version of frimware for Wii is 3.3. Since i have never done an upgrade of firmware - my firmware version being 2.2U - how do i upgrade to version 3.2 (as mentioned earlier) instead of 3.3?

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    3.4 is,
    use a mario game *in your region* get 3.1, install twilight hack, use anyregion changer
    get a modchip, change the update on a ISO, update to 3.2

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    Thanks - i am getting the Wii Mod chip - It is on order and begin shipped - hopeefully should receive by next week..Is there a FAQ or a pointer on how to upgrade using the 2nd Option (the one to change the update on ISO for 3.2 version). From what i am reading, it seems 3.2 is the most stable version before modding the Wii.

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    use wii update manager

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