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Thread: Wont read disk

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    Wont read disk

    I have a Model RVL-001 NTSC system running 4.1U with a soldered wiikey 2 v1.3.

    It has worked great for two years until a couple of weeks ago. The unit quit reading originals and backups. The drive will spin up then stop and start over again. The LED's on the wiikey flash red then blue every time it spins up.

    If I de-solder the power wire from the wiikey it will read originals fine. So I figured I needed a new wiikey. So I bought two new wiikey 2 and installed them in two drives. I soldered one per wiikey instructions and one per I now able to read wii sport original disk and the wiikey 2 setup disk only if the disk are in the drive prior to a reboot. Those are the only two disk either drive will read. Both drives are D2E and both yellow sticker wiikeys. I was able to update the firmware on both new wiikeys and get the settings page to configure the chips. It will not read any of my other originals or backups (all are NTSC on dvd-r) that were working fine before this issue started.

    I have double checked my solder joints and wires all are good.
    Any help or suggestions.

    Well I have fixed my problem by replacing the drive ribbon cable. All is now working fine again.
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    Maybe a bad laser eye.


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