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Thread: Wood firmware v1.30 released

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    Wood firmware v1.30 released

    Yellow wood goblin has done it again heres the latest release of wood v1.30 enjoy!


    Wood RPG download
    Wood R4 v1.30 download
    Wood R4iDSN v1.30 download
    Wood R4iDSGold v1.30 download

    Wood in NDS format converted by me

    Wood R4 nds format download
    Wood R4iDSN nds format download
    Wood R4iDSGold v1.30 NDS download


    * some parts of ui rewritten.
    * softreset updated.

    * czech translation added.
    * fixed trash at screen then language option in language file is set to wrong value.


    *'battle & get! pokemon typing ds (japan)' fixed.
    *'petz - catz playground (usa)' fixed.
    * 'minna to kimi no piramekino! (japan)' fixed.
    *'pocket monsters - white (korea)' fixed.
    * 'pocket monsters - black (korea)' fixed.
    * bug that caused very rare freeze in 'final fantasy iii' fixed.
    *'sports collection (usa)' fixed.
    * 'murder in venice (europe)' fixed.
    *'pucca power up (europe)' fixed.
    * 'dragon quest vi - realms of revelation (europe)' fixed.[/SPOILER]
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