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Thread: Metroid Prime Trilogy Problem

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    Metroid Prime Trilogy Problem


    I am having a bit of trouble with Metroid Prime Trilogy. I have it on my FAT32 External Hard Drive in 4 split .wfbs files and it seems to run fine (I already know about using the alternative .dol or whatever) until I get into an elevator on Tallon. I'm not sure whether you revisit the planet later on but the point I'm talking about is very early in the game (like the second thing you do). Once I get on the elevator it just keeps on playing the animation of Samus in the elevator. The only way to exit is to hold down the power button.

    I'm playing it through Configurable USB loader on a soft modded 4.1 Australian wii. My external hard drive is a 500GB Seagate (not sure about the exact model but I bought it very recently.) and I'm using the PAL version of the game.

    Has anyone else had this problem before? Does anyone have any solutions?

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    Don't worry problem solved.

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    op solved problem

    thread closed
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