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Thread: First time user/poster

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    First time user/poster

    Hey, i've just recently been trying to install homebrew channel or any other form of Jbreak applications for my wii, but i dont know exactly what to do and some tutorials are written by idiots

    So if any experienced user can help start me up, I'd appreciate it completely and you'll help me love my Wii just a little more

    My Wii is unluckily updated to 4.3U btw, which i see seems to be causing alot of new problems for others also

    Thank you in advance

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    Post a hello here like site rules recommend for first-time posters and you will get what you're after. Wiis @ 4.3 will require certain original/retail discs to successfully softmod (unlike 4.2 and below).

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    sorry bout that , just trying to get a reply as quick as possible

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    and you failed at that...


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