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Thread: [Pictures] Is my Wii (+ the modchip) repairable?

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    [Pictures] Is my Wii (+ the modchip) repairable?

    I attempted to solder the modchip myself but did a poor job! I wanted to know if you guys think the modchip would still work??

    The Wii itself is a D2C model - So do I just need to buy one of these and then pay someone to fix it together (including the mod chip) or do I need to buy something else?
    Wii DVD Drive board / Motherboard (D2A DMS D2B D2C D2E) | eBay UK

    Thank you! (looking for a repair place in London)

    (or this, seeing that its cheaper..)

    Nintendo Wii (D2B - D2C- D2E) Replacment logic board | eBay UK
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