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Thread: Neogamma R9 b48 is released

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    Neogamma R9 b48 is released

    Download -
    source - Here

    Recommend cIOS:

    d2x with IOS56 as base IOS. It should work for all games(including MH3 and Rockband), and seems to be as fast as IOS57. cIOSX rev21d2x: Yet Another Hot Fix!!!! -!!!! Get the new d2x installer at that link.

    Recommend cMIOS for homebrew,retail&backup discs and softmodded&hardmodded Wiis. It's WiiGator's cMIOS just in a new installer(only required for GC mode internal or external):
    New version(based on MIOSv10):

    R9 beta 47 - > R9 beta 48

    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Changed to the code handler from Gecko OS 1.9.x, thanks go to biolizard89 for porting the Wii debugger code handler to GC
    - Changed Block IOS Reload to only use mode 2 as well as reloading into the cIOS NeoGamma uses(only d2xv4+)
    - Added return to HBC feature instead of returning to wii menu from games' home menu(only d2xv4+). Might work with channels and forwarders as well
    - Updated to devkiptPPC r21 and libogc 1.8.6(both modified, see .txt files for details)
    - Added cIOS rev21 identification
    - Updated the game disc region auto detection
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Removed warnings when booting GCOS itself(won't work on softmodded Wiis!)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Compressing the GC loader .dol now(about 150KB saved)
    - Gamecube loading(internal GC mode): Don't boot MIOS anymore on GC mode external when no .dol is found[/SPOILER]


    I haven't tried it yet but it looks like there is no option to boot Neogamma with an alternate IOS, something I was looking forward to.
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