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Thread: Having trouble connecting a WBFS drive to a new Win7 64 computer.

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    Having trouble connecting a WBFS drive to a new Win7 64 computer.

    When I first created my WBFS drive about a year ago, it was on a Win7 32 machine; I partitioned it appropriately, assigned the drive letter W to the Wii partition, and merrily went about my business. There's a 2GB (I think) NTFS partition on it as well. I've since sold that laptop, and purchased a new one; however, I cannot get it to recognize my WBFS drive. It seems to install the drivers fine, but Windows then starts chugging on both partitions.

    It used to tell me (on the old computer) that the partition at drive letter W needed to be formatted before it could be used; I'd just dismiss that with a "whatever" and fire up WBFS Manager. Now it doesn't tell me that EITHER partition can be accessed until I yank out the USB cable, at which point Windows starts <foul language is a no-no> that neither drive F nor G was formatted (I have no idea which is which.) I've tried firing up diskmgmt.msc, but it hangs on the "Connecting to virtual disk service" message; I've tried using EASEUS Partition Manager, but it's hung on the loading screen. I've tried uninstalling my drive's drivers, then reinstalling them without digital signature verification on. Nothing seems to be working.

    It should be noted that the drive works *fine* on the Wii. Loads up instantly in USBLoaderGX and Configurable USB Loader. It has several dozen games on it, and as such I'd rather not reformat it. Can anyone help me get this thing recognized on my new computer?
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    Maybe try wii backup manager. Also make sure you have the right wbfs manager for your OS. 64bit or 32bit.


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