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Thread: PAL vs NTSC games

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    PAL vs NTSC games

    I currently have a PAL Wii and I'm planning to softmod it and turn it into NTSC-U.

    Can anyone tell me if its really worth doing that? I mean, I've been trying to find a list of games that haven't been released in PAL but i can't seem to find any.

    I know there can be a delay in release dates but do any NTSC games from USA never get released in PAL for the Wii? Nintendo isn't really the type of company to release games that would get "banned" or anything on their system.

    I'm in Australia, so switching to NTSC will allow me to get much cheaper games than PAL. But if price is the only benefit and all games can be obtained, i might stick with PAL.


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    Us and European releases seem practically the same give or take a few titles.
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    Besides, most loaders allow you to play NTSC on PAL and vice-versa.

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    I use Both formatts with CFG loader no probs. Ok some of the games are named in USA english. eg just dance Kids. just dance juniors. that type of thing. also game picture data varies, But they all play. I do seem to find more games available in NTSC. However they are not a problem playing backups from USB Hard drive. Why bother to convert console ?


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