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Thread: black screen when loading game

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    black screen when loading game

    I get a black screen when I load up the game. Everything is frozen. I can eject game, but unable to turn off the wii unless I plug pull.

    I actually haven't touched my wii for over 3 years now. My girlfriend got it modded in Asia a while back. It is a 3.1U firmware.

    The games I tried to play was "Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2011 Wii PAL Scrubbed TLS Games Reidy". I've read somewhere it might be because the game is scrubbed, but I'm not sure. Also read it might be because I need to upgrade my firmware?

    Also it seems like the game was only burned an inch and not the whole DVD. I'm not sure if its suppose to do that or not. I believe I'm burning the ISO correctly to the DVD with imgburn.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi there.. not to be overly rude.. but all your comments lead up to one very vague problem.

    The only thing I understood completely.. is that you have a black screen when you try to specifically load "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 Wii PAL Scrubbed TLS Games Reidy" from a Disc Image you burned.

    You didn't say HOW the Wii is modded (if you know at all).. HOW you're trying to load the backup game.. IF other backup disc games work or not..

    From JUST the info you gave.. it could be a damn fingerprint on your DVD.

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    Was the wii modded with a modchip, or was it softmodded? (does it have the homebrew channel)
    Are you loading the game through the disc channel, or a backup launcher?
    Or maybe you have cIOSCORP installed?
    Have you tried re-ripping the original disc again?

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    I'm very sorry for the lack of information provided. I'm not too familiar with modded systems, so I had no idea what information was needed.

    My wii is modded with a modchip (does not have homebrew channel). I load the game through the disc channel. I do not have any backup launcher.

    I also tried burning the game 3 times, but black screen all 3 times. I also tried "Sports Island 2 Wii PAL Scrubbed TLS Games Reidy", but same problem.

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    You are using downloaded pirate games. Go buy the games and don't ask for assistance with piracy again. Thread closed.
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