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Thread: Personalized Homebrew setup

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    Personalized Homebrew setup

    I am willing to give up my time to take your personalized homebrew setup requests. That means that you can send me a pm where you will list:
    1) The region of your wii.
    2) All the apps you want in the homebrew channel.
    3) If you asked for any emulators, what games do you want for them?

    I will convert all the .elf files for you.

    Note: This is just for people who don't have the time to hand edit their own files. I hope this helps you guys a lot.

    All you have to do when i send you the files is to put them into your sd card (remember to format it first) and do the twilight hack on your wii.
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    nice offer.

    aren't .elf files the old format? I thought everything went to .dol.

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    are you planning to use this site?

    - Wii Brew - For All Your Wii Needs. Wii Homebrew News Wii Saved Games Wii Downloads

    it lets you pick the homebrew you want then you can download it as one zip file. it doesnt get much easier than that

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    no i am not. Infact i haven't even heard of that site till now. And also, that website gives .elf and .dol files. Which is unlucky for most homebrew users. I convert elf's to dol's for you and i get my apps seperately.
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    so it wont help?

    dont you find it annoying that the homebrew browser, does not hold all the choices of homebrew? i think it really should, it cannot be that hard can it?

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    no it can't so because of that, i will include the homebrew browser in everybody's apps and their own preferred apps.
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    Is there any starter hombrewers out there?! If you are, then i am here to help.
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