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Thread: Wii Remote won't sync in Homebrew Apps, even the Hackmii Installer...

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    Wii Remote won't sync in Homebrew Apps, even the Hackmii Installer...

    Hey guys,

    I found a few threads talking about this problem I have, but it seems people fixed their problem following the 4.2 softmod guide, but not me. I upgraded a friend's stuff with the System channels updater (he wanted to use the dlc store in games), but it crashed half-way (installing the store channel itself, a minor problem I believe), I also updated IOS60 and 61, which was likely a mistake, since my HBC went upside down (I put +Trucha for them, which caused this...) and whenever I boot an homebrew app, my wiimote won't sync.

    I tried fixing it by rehacking everything from scratch. I get up to the Scam screen of the hackmii installer, but can't press 1 since my wiimote won't sync, even in that app.

    Please help, I've kind of searched most place... and found nothing of use, since I can't use the apps people recommend.. I have to use my wiimote for everything.

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    60 and 61 would have nothing to do with the HBC flipping. 58 or 34 would. I think you may have done more than you think you did or should have. Is it possible for you to post a syscheck? Do you have a GC controller?
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    I do have a GC controller, but at the time I was at my friend's so I didn't have it (would a Wavebird do? cause that's all I have). When I go into my HBC's about screen it says it's using IOS61 (or IOS60) which is why I'm thinking that was the problem. If I actually can reinstall everything using a GC controller and reinstalling the HBC, therefor reinstalling the relevant IOS I hope, I'll try that the next time I head to my friend's house.

    I suspected a GC controller would help but as I said, I was SOL at the time.


    Edit : Just reread your post, and I don't think I can post a syscheck since I can't get anything to sync up after the HBC starts an app up.


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