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Thread: lost power on my wii what can i do?

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    Angry lost power on my wii what can i do?

    Ok here is my problem my son was playing on the wii when i turn the breaker off and on
    and the wii lost power now i can't turn it on any advice for me? PLEASE!!!

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    i try that and nothing happen no power it all

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    rapidly switching the Wii power supply on and off may cause the unit's protection circuity activated.
    disconnect the power supply from the main electricity and leave it alone for 20 minutes. see if it'd be recoved (ie. it's PTC protection).
    if not, the MOSFET, or fuse inside the unit might have been destroyed. Replace with a new power supply, for the sake of safety.

    by the way, i wish the Wii was not in the midway of running "System update" while u switch the breaker. Otherwise, Wii-brick was resulted.
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