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Thread: some hdd scenario questions

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    some hdd scenario questions


    I have a soft modded system that works fine. I have a 1 tb hard drive filled with lots of movies, but that hard drive is not fat32..

    my backup games are on another smaller hard drive that is fat 32.

    my question is can ntfs hard drive connect with the wii? I tried to do this and use wii media center, but I got sort of an error and so i didnt want to risk doing it again..

    also, I know there are programs that can allow me to partition my external drive and make it a fat 32, but will that be detected by the wii?

    can you recommend what I can do? I cant backup my movies anywhere else because there are so many and I dont have space anywhere else..

    THx alot

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    What backup loader do you have? I use USB loader gx and it formatted my NTFS drive to WBFS format and you can use WBFS manager on your pc to put backups on and it should work fine.

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    Depends How much spare room on 1tb drive, Easeus partition manager is good, you can make a fat32 partition. I have read on here you can run NTFS drive with wii, You do need to have an apps folder with some (management files ) in the root of your drive. ie: Apps contains CFG loader, Wiimc, Movies, Music, etc; Then when you connect to your wii and boot. It will look for your files.
    I use CFG v65, Wiimc. 249rev 20 Neogamma r8 for discs, All the info is on this site take a browse and don't rush. read read read again.


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