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Thread: Help my poor wii

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    Help my poor wii

    HI all

    I brought a wii of ebay to see if I could fix it up, I have no history of the wii so can not give that out but what I can tell you is the following

    First when you switch on the wii it loads up to a black screen ?
    There is NO Priloader OR BootMII as boot2
    the gamecube save mii brings up a 4.2E screen

    I do have a wasabi dx Chip but the games that I have tried to auto boot dont seem to

    I need some help on this one


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    what you need to do is :
    find a game with a 4.3 or higher update
    make sure that the modchip is set to autoboot. You may have to connect to a diffrent wii to configure.
    or if you cant find a game with 4.3 i think you can use universal brick fixer disc.

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    Sounds like bluetooth module.

    Do not update to 4.3

    EpicGamer, do not tell people to update to 4.3 as it can cause fixable bricks to become completely unrepairable.

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    bad is there a guide on how to fix a bluetooth module ?

    Thank you

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    to replace the bluetooth module, open the case, take out the dvd-rom and lift the emi shield....u'll find the module.
    the module was lightly "taped" to the motherboard. lift it up carefully and force fit a new module.
    that's it.
    unless the module was mechanically unseated and caused black screen, i can't think of a guide to repair a defective one.

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    Thank you biilyhome will look at that

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    Quote Originally Posted by adders View Post
    Thank you biilyhome will look at that


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