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Thread: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Leaked Details and Teaser!

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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Leaked Details and Teaser!

    We've seen leaks over radio interviews and hints in magazines this month on the next installment of the Call of Duty series. Now, we have a small teaser trailer, sub-titled "America Under Siege" and a lot of leaked details!

    Other than the trailer, we've got some leaks confirming the game. The game starts off where Modern Warfare 2 ended. The game will also include the old main characters as well as some notable new ones; "Frost" and "Sandman". The game will also have 15 missions in various cities around the world; New York, Paris and London.

    Spec Ops is also back with "Survival" mode where you and pals will have to fend off waves of enemies, increasing in numbers as waves pass by.

    As for Multiplayer, it seems that there will be 20 maps available, although this is unconfirmed if this includes future DLC content.

    Oh, one more important detail. The believed release date is November 8th, 2011.

    Infinity Ward's @fourzerotwo tweeted today*"A lot of hype &; a lot of leaked info on #MW3, some still accurate, some not. To avoid spoiling the experience, I'd wait for the real reveal."

    The leaks aren't official but official news should come out sometime in month according to Craig Fairbrass in his Radio Interview.

    Thanks to Kotaku for the info.

    Source: Game Crunch

    Used spoilers since not sure if it would.
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