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Thread: CFG Loader Hangs

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    CFG Loader Hangs

    Hi everyone, thanks for a great site and very useful forum. I have used lots of info from here in the past.

    I have just set up my wii to have CFG Loader running so that I can back up all of my games and play them from a hdd.

    All was fine for a day or two but now when I run from the HBC it hangs on a black screen for 2 or 3 minutes. After the delay I hear the wii drive make a noise and then it goes to the welcome screen (previously it went straight to the splash screen with no delay).

    I am running 4.1e, cfg loader v65.

    One further question - If I want to back up my USB HDD (so if it fails I do not have to back up all of my discs again) can I just simply copy the files and directory structure to a windows 7 PC?

    Many thanks in advance


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    What guide did u follow to softmod? Can u post a syscheck? Yes u can back up your usb hdd to your pc.

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    I ran an update from within CFG loader and it installed the latest version which appears to have cured the freezing problem!

    Thanks for the replies.


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