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Thread: Transfering data from iPhone back to iMac

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    Question Transfering data from iPhone back to iMac

    Hi. My Mac's hard drive recently crashed and everything is wiped out. I have a new hard disk now.
    My question is: How do I transfer data from my iPhone... back to my Mac? I would like to transfer data from my iCal, iTunes, iPhotos, SMS and contacts.
    Would appreciate some advice. It's been a very frustrating experience. I don't want to screw up and end up deleting all my data from my iPhone instead.

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    Log-in in to your iTunes account on your new Mac and then sync as normal. You'll be asked if you want to copy stuff from your iPhone to Mac (which you probably want to do) and then you should be able to continue as normal. Remember to authorize your new Mac with your iTunes account as well.
    Besides there is a step by step instruction on how to transfer or backup all iPhone datas to iMac.
    Hope it can do you a favor.
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    You can download a new iTunes in your new Mac. And use your iTunes account to log in. Then connect your iphone to Mac and running iTunes. Last, you can transfer your data to your new mac. Surely, you can use a third-party tool--iPhone to Mac Transfer to do these; it’s more convenience than iTunes.
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    why don't you simply synchronize your iPhone with your Mac?
    Just open Things on your phone and your Mac. Both versions will synchronize automatically after a short break.

    If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.
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