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Thread: Just Dance and Just Dance 2

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    Just Dance and Just Dance 2

    Alright, I have a friend that bought these 2 games as a bundle and he would like to create backup discs of these 2 to play through neogamma. He is to cheap to get a hdd. Can anyone confirm that they will work through neogamma or even uLoader? The reason I am asking because I know myself I had to load these 2 games with ios250 to get them to work off of my hdd on my Wii. Do either neogamma or uLoader accept ios250. Any help would be great.

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    I've never used uLoader to launch a disc but I do know there is an cIOS switcher app for NeoGamma. NeoGamma only uses 249 by default. You can also install whatever rev and base you want into 249. The choice is yours there.
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    Ok, thanks for the reply!


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