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Thread: Black Screen Problem

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    Black Screen Problem

    Hello, i am new to the modding seen and tried modding my Wii today.
    I followed the guide to softmodding any wii by mauifrog.
    I followed the guide 100% (as far as i can tell)

    After i got everything set up, i went to play a game off my external HDD.
    I noticed that the games did not show images, so i looked for a way to enable them.
    I thought i had downloaded them from the Backup Manager, so i went looking for a way to enable them. Seeing an option for downloading covers i tried it, and it said it failed to connect, then froze.

    Since then all i get is the black screen when my wii boots. I have tried a couple of the fix's from the "OH SH*T: Black Screen of WII!!!" but nothing worked.
    So now im posting here. Anyone that can help, i would greatly appreciate it.

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    It seems you have a full Brick do you have Priiloader.

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    I installed preloader but it won't come up. Tried the holding reset wile turning on, nothing changes. Also I don't have a GC controller and I'm not willing to invest any more money into this. Any other solutions? If not I'll just scrap it and give up on playing Mario I guess haha

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    It seems your screwed man there is no way of restoring it if We can't get to homebrew.

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    Do you know any friends or family who have The Homebrew Channel On their Wii.

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    Nope, guess I'm outa luck for this one. Any one wanna sell me a new one for cheap? Haha

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    Give me a bit I am going to get you homebrew I will get a file for disc burn it and insert into your wii and it will load homebrew.

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    That would be great. I'd love to not have to scrap this wii. I have been itching to play every Mario game for months now. Haha

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    I am having some issues getting HBC I have SDHC Card and can't install it so It's not going to be tonight.

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    You wont be able to boot any disk without getting to the system menu or without using a GC controller.
    Quote Originally Posted by JPfizzy View Post
    Give me a bit I am going to get you homebrew I will get a file for disc burn it and insert into your wii and it will load homebrew.
    What loader was you using when the Wii froze? Did you try unplugging the drive and the SD card and see if it boots? If not do so. Also, how old is your Wii? Was you able to install Bootmii as Boot2?

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