Nintendo had it's Retailer briefing today and we've got some information on several games. One of them is Starfox 64 3D. An attendee from Tsutaya, a retailer, has shared some information with the public via the retailer's twitter

  • The game will feature a 3DS mode, N64 mode and Battle mode.
  • In 3DS mode, users make use of the gyro sensor to control their Arwing. Not sure how this will work since the 3D effect breaks when users move too much.
  • Battle mode supports up to four players and will include download play.
  • The game will not have online play via Wi-Fi Connection

While we're glad Nintendo has added in an extra mode for the users who won't be using the control-pad but rather the gyro-scope for a realistic experience and download play, it's a bit of a disappointment that there will be no online support. I still however look forward for this game.

The game is set for release on July 14th, 2011 in Japan while the North America and Europe release date is still to be announced.

Source: Game Crunch