I'm trying to run Just Dance [SDNE41] on my NTSC Wii and I'm getting just a black screen at startup in NTSC mode.

Here are the specs of my Wii:

Model: Japanese
Ver: 4.1J
Loader: Configurable USB Loader v68

The only way to get the game to run is by changing my options in cfg as so:

Language: English
Video: Force PAL50
Country Fix: On

My question is, why do I have to set the video to PAL50 if the game is NTSC? The only reason I thought of setting the video to PAL50 in the first place is because I also have the PAL version of Just Dance and I had to set that one to PAL50 to work. (The rest of my games are all NTSC and I never have to change the Video option for any of them.)

Although the game works when running on PAL50, whenever I try to return to the Wii Menu on the HOME Menu, the Wii will hang... which can be annoying.

Are other people's copies of Just Dance working fine on NTSC? Is this just an isolated case?