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Thread: Online MultiPlayer games

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    Online MultiPlayer games

    So when is Nintendo going to get some online multi player games out?

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    Confirmed online games:
    bwii or battalion wars 2 Summer 07
    strikers Europe: may 25 U.S. summer 07
    pokemon U.S. June 25 Europe: tba 07
    guitar hero 3 Fall 07
    animal crossing TBA
    ssbb TBA 07
    new fire emblem TBA
    Forever Blue TBA 07
    The Bigs Fall 07
    mario and sonic go to the olympic games Winter 07

    Rumored games:
    Mp3 TBA 07
    Madden 08 Aug. 18
    no more heroes TBA
    Jissen Pachinko/Pachislot Hisshouhou! Sammy's Collection Hokuto no Ken Wii TBA
    Mysims Fall 07
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Fall 07
    Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles TBA
    Donkey Kong Jet race June 28, 2007
    NBA Live 08 Winter 07

    Will utilize online function:
    Elebits/eledees America: Dec. 06 Europe May 3 07
    knights winter 07
    big brain academy June 11 07
    wii health TBA 07

    Not completely announced games rumored to utilize online function
    Mario Kart wii TBA
    Wii sports 2 TBA
    Red Steel 2 TBA
    excite truck 2 TBA

    this is the list that i know of, there are a few other titles that arent quite that big of a deal but feel free to add...

    Online release dates/first game
    Japan: It is out. Pokemon Battle Revolution
    Europe: May 25th. Super mario strikers charged
    Austrailia: June 7th. Super Mario strikers charged
    America: June 25th. Pokemon battle revolution

    Speculated online game order in america:
    1. Pokemon
    2. Strikers
    3. Battalion wars

    In Europe:
    2.Battalion Wars

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    good info thanks
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