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    Unhappy error 1167

    hi everyone i am new on this i have a white wii ver 4.3u and the neogamma0.3 and when i try to play the game(poweriso burn image) i got the error 1167 can some one help me THX

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    if it is a newer wii, it will not read burned media, only usb load will work
    DVD Read Error:Bad burn/media.Dirty Lens use Wii Lens Cleaner.Trying to play a Dual Layer game with rev14- update to cIOS38rev17+.Some old wiis are known to have problems with dual layer games.If its a new wii then it has a d3-2 drive and you cant play disc backups.Only option is USB loading.

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    Do you mean Gamma 0.3? As in the way ancient forerunner to NeoGamma?
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